The Megalodons [Megawatts w/o wings]

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Thrust generating fins for drive and traction.

The Megalodons' side fins use an aggressive concave airfoil, the NACA 6409. The lift these fins generate is so great I have to toe them in 2° in order to aim that lift forward, generating thrust. Their higher volume profile and 7° cant gives you great rail to rail action and great control on even the hollowest sections. Paddle faster, catch waves early, carve bigger turns and hit the lip harder. The tradeoff for designs like these that generate gobs of thrust, is they have a lower top speed. Thing is, they're still fast enough for pumping California waves! You'll feel the speed limit in tropical waters on fast waves like Uluwatu, but in California my fins are handling everything except Mavericks so far. Steamer Lane, Rincon, Black's Beach.. slap these fins on for an easier time and if you want even more boost for your ride you have to try the winged versions of these fins, The Megawatts which use the Watmann fins as wings.

• Extra Drive
 ~ The main fins' foils are heavily concaved, providing a drivey, grippy stance for your board.
• Powersurfing template ~ The Megalodon outlines are large with an aggressive rake.
• More volume ~ 2-3 times the volume of standard fins makes these fins generate thrust. You'll even feel it while paddling. Feels like your board's pumping for you.
• Want to add hydrofoil wings? ~ Check out the Megawatts, a glorious combination of the Megalodons and Wattmans, activate your surfing cheat code.

Foil Details

 The side fins use an aggressive airfoil, the NACA 6409, creating tons of drive and hold. The center fin's wide point is very far back, based on the YS900 it gives you bigger lines and more projection through turns.


 Make sure the fin edges and tips are sanded smooth and round. If a fin breaks but you still want to use it, sand down any jagged edges. Visit the Fin Replacement area of my store to order replacement fins. Get in touch if you experience any quality issues with your fins I'll do my best to remedy the situation. Also keep in mind these fins are 3D printed, which means they won't survive running into you (a good thing) or from being surfed onto the sand like Gravy did. Shred as hard as you want, just don't run into things with them.


 Wax your fins! These are 3D printed fins and the texture they have right off the printer is perfect for holding onto surfwax as a speedy skin. Just like waxing skis and snowboards, waxing your fins makes them faster. The hydrophobic coating prevents the water from holding onto them at all - which makes waxed fins even faster than sanded fins! Use surfboard wax meant for your local water temps. Cover the fin in wax then comb it in with your fingers to give it a smooth finish. The wax stays on through many sessions, touchups are rarely needed.

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    Great fins that offer a different experience!

    Posted by Andy on Apr 22nd 2023

    I was very impressed with the fins. The description is pretty accurate. They did feel a tad slower than what I had on before but the fins offered better speed when on rail. The lift that the fins provide are very obvious as soon as you get in the wave. They’re very impressive and a super cheap way to get a different experience on your boards.