These fins are a new example of what can be added to our boards. They're designed to generate more lift than normal fins and this lift is aimed forward, creating thrust. In fin design there's a tradeoff for creating more lift, you end up with a lower top speed. Thing is that top speed is needed in Hawaii or Indo at the good breaks. These fins are tuned for the speed of California's surf.

 Years ago I began learning computer aided design so that I could make better fins for myself, based on the vector models Future Fins used to make in the 2000s. Using concave airfoils in the side fins creates this forward-aimed thrust. Those fins transformed my surfing, made waves more fun to surf and made the serious stuff a lot easier to handle!

G-Land, late May of 2009, I was riding a 5'6" twin, 2" thick using large type 1 vector fins. Transformed my board from Honda to Ferrari!


Next pic here is from a session at the Lane, using my fins the Megawatts: