These are high volume, thrust generating fins with various hydrofoil wing setups.

Paddle faster, catch waves early, huck bigger turns and fly through tubes.
These fins grab more power from the wave, you get more surfing ability with less effort.

  • "Brew....I put your fins in last weekend on my hypto krypto for waddell creek sessions....blown away....high speed front side carving....felt so good. Board felt so solid and responsive under foot. Then I surfed sewers all last week....fins are insane backside too. Really impressed. Game changer." Steve B

  • "Surfed the best 20 minute lunch break heat of my life yesterday. They work!
    Surfed your fins today, had an amazing session. At one point I caught a really good tube.. felt like I was FLYING through it." Jeff A

  • "These fins clean up my mistakes. Where previously I would've caught an edge and lost it, these fins pull through. They let me stay on the board.
    With the Megawatts I have all the power and speed I could hope for on a Wavestorm. High speed lines, noserides, busting the fins out the back on turns, it's all is easy and reliable.
    When I'm behind the peak and chasing through whitewater, previously where the board would have pearled or lost the wave, now I can just drive through it all and find my way back on." Brad A