Surf Dojo with Todd

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Welcome to the beginning stage of the Surf Dojo I'm building. I've got 30+ years of experience around surfing, 9 years of lake, river surf & cliff rescue, 5 years of surf school instruction/management plus a background in movement mechanics thanks to making national rank as a wrestler in high school. Also 10+ extended surf trips abroad.
 I'm enjoying surfing as much as I ever had, and I want to help pass along things I've learned to more of my fellow surfers. We can meet in person or even online and engage in dojo mode in a number of ways. 

Here is my evolving set of in-person surf dojo price:

BYOB: Bring your own board
1 grasshopper: $100
2 grasshoppers: $180
3 grasshoppers: $240

IBYB: I bring your board +$100

OSS (Online Surf Sensei'ing): $100 for an hour of talking surf via text, chat, video.

BST: Bring the Surf Talk: $100 an hour of surf talk with a local surf sensei (My buddy Kris can't surf anymore but he's got KNOWLEDGE) Hire him through me with this option.

  You meet in person with my man Kris Fletcher at the surf, watch the action, pick it apart, even drill on form and warmup technique. Absorb surf stories.

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