In case of defect

3D printing makes these fin designs possible. It's almost unfeasable to make molds for winged fins, plus there are some huge bonuses for being 3D printed:

• FLEX: These fin designs have excellent strength and flex characteristics. 3D printing allows for design techniques that not only allow for new shapes but also for new structural characteristics. The next generations of my fin designs are going to be very exciting to develop.

• STRONG, BUT NOT TOO STRONG: Surfing is inherently dangerous and I don't want to add to that with these radical designs. Fortunately, these fins can handle shredding but they can't handle collisions. They break when colliding with a person, or the beach, so be very careful if you're going to surf leashless - washing ashore fins down will snap them off (your fin boxes should be fine as well).

So, avoid throwing your board into the sand, avoid kicking the wings with your feet and try not to hit anything with them when you walk around with your board.

If you have any unexpected breaks, I can offer you half-off for any fins that need to be replaced. Just write me a note through the website here or by email/text and I'll set you up with a unique discount code that you can use for a replacement order. This offer is available once per set of fins purchased.