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Fin System

Traditional format with more cant, and lots of low-end torque.

 The Megalodons are the precursors to the Megawatts. Both employ the high NACA 6409 foils, an outline meant for power surfing and 3x more displacement, giving the fins lots of low end power. Paddle faster, catch waves early, carve bigger turns and hit the lip harder.

• Extra Drive
 ~ The main fins' foils are heavily concaved, providing a drivey, grippy stance for your board.
• Powersurfing template ~ The Megalodon outlines are large with an aggressive rake. Great for all surfers but especially for big guys.
• More volume ~ With 2-3 times the volume of standard fins, these fins generate tons of thrust. You'll even feel it while paddling. On the wave it's like your board's pumping for you. Surf more of the wave, throw riskier moves.
• Want to add hydrofoil wings? ~ Check out the Megawatts. These are Megalodon fins with hydrofoil wings added.

Get in touch if you have any questions. Custom orders and discounts are available.

Foil Details

 The side fins use an aggressive airfoil, the NACA 6409, creating tons of drive and hold. The center fin's wide point is very far back, based on the YS900 it gives you bigger lines and more projection through turns.


 Make sure the fin edges and tips are sanded smooth and round. If a fin breaks but you still want to use it, sand down any jagged edges. Visit the Fin Replacement area of my store to order replacement fins. Get in touch if you experience any quality issues with your fins I'll do my best to remedy the situation.

Fin Systems

Choose Futures if you want your fins to be compatible with the Futures Fins system.

Catch Surf / Lib Tech
Choose this option to get fins that fit Catch Surf boards and Lib Tech's FOC-II fin  boxes.

Foamie / Wavestorm
I've developed a 3D printable fin base that fits any foam surfbaord.  (e.g. Wavestorm, Catch Surf, Buell, Odysea, Foamy, Softech, South Bay, Wave Bandit, BZ, Doyle)
Select Foamie / Wavestorm if you want fins that plug into any foamy. It's amazing how much better these boards perform with fins that actively add traction and thrust. "I have been having more fun in the water surfing a Wavestorm with your fins than I have had in years, maybe ever." - Mike G, lifelong shredding shortboarder.
 The plugs on these fins accept the oversized plastic screws that come with all foam surfboards. You may need to trim the screws' length to prevent them from bottoming out in the fins' posts. You want to make surf the fins are held tight against the board for maximum performance and strength.



PETG, 3.5mm shell, 60% infill

Shipping & Returns

I'm working out details, please contact me if you have any issues.


Fin displacements, 90mL to 130mL each. Height/Length/Width details coming soon.

Care Instructions

Make sure all fin tips and edges are rounded, not sharp. Sand if needed. Do not rest the board on the fins, don't surf onto the beach either. They can handle shredding, but they break if they run into something - saves you and your board from damage better than standard fins.

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Thanks for checking out my fins.

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