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Megawatts - Twin

Megawatts - Twin

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Fin System

Dynamic Drive.

 The Megawatts in twin mode employ the most aggressive designs yet in my fin arsenal, sans the rear fin. There's a major difference in how the boards surf using these fins in twin mode. It feels like you've got full control of the throttle. Tradeoff is you don't have the leverage of a battle axe underneath but you do have a ton of thrust, and if you aim well with your rail surfing, you'll find the board has plenty of go juice, plus now it turns on a dime.

With large outlines, foils never seen on surfboards PLUS next-gen wing options, these fins generate surprising amounts of thrust, agility, hold and they even make airdrops easier to land.

These designs and their production are only possible because of 3D printing. The wings create lift aimed forward, generating thrust and augmenting the thrust created by the fins they're mounted on.

Fin System Compatibility:
  • Future Fins
  • Stormfins (fits all foam surfboards)
  • Lib Tech / Catch Surf
  • Longboards (US Fin Boxes)
  • FSC2 coming soon

Get in touch if you have any questions. Custom orders and discounts are available.

Fin Details

 The Megawatts are based on the same aggresive foil the Megalodons use, the NACA 6409. These heavily concaved, high thrust airfoils are highly maneuverable while giving you massive amounts of drive and traction on the wave.
 The wings emlpoy a very unique airfoil, the Wortmann FX-79 (click the link to see). This foil adds thrust and lift while remaining very agile thanks to the complex convex/concave foil curves.
 In thruster configuration you get a center fin with a unique foil as well, the YS900 which has a wide point about 70% back from the leading edge! They make normal surf feel alive, they do "Big Boy Turns" in standard surf: long connected lines with corners you've got to lean into.

"Indo Simulators"

Expect better handling in rough water and very windy conditions. The wings add suspension to your ride, helping your board ride both above and below the water surface.



 Make sure the fin edges and tips are sanded smooth and round. If a fin breaks but you still want to use it, sand down any jagged edges. Visit the Fin Replacement area of my store to order replacement fins. Get in touch if you experience any quality issues with your fins I'll do my best to remedy the situation.

Wing Setups

Wings on All Fins: Max Power
 Experience maximum thrust. The wings on your side fins give you lively rails that'll engage anything but they don't get in your way. The wings on the center fin turn your back foot into a turbo boost. These wings are tilted 1.3° up compared to the wings in front, making for an arc of thrust that works with the shape of the wave.

Side Fins Only: Lively and Loose
 You get a lot of boost and projection for your turns but you don't feel like you're locked into a power surfing device. Essentially, not as much power but the board will be easier to turn.

Center Fin Only: Safest Option, Longboard Style
 You get the boost and your surfboard is much safer around others. Choose these fins if you're a novice, or if you're an experienced surfer who wants a mellow version of these fin innovations I'm exploring. 

Fin Systems

Choose Futures if you want your fins to be compatible with the Futures Fins system.

Catch Surf / Lib Tech
Choose this option to get fins that fit Catch Surf boards and Lib Tech's FOC-II fin  boxes.

Foamie / Wavestorm
I've developed a 3D printable fin base that fits any foam surfbaord.  (e.g. Wavestorm, Catch Surf, Buell, Odysea, Foamy, Softech, South Bay, Wave Bandit, BZ, Doyle)
Select Foamie / Wavestorm if you want fins that plug into any foamy. It's amazing how much better these boards perform with fins that actively add traction and thrust. "I have been having more fun in the water surfing a Wavestorm with your fins than I have had in years, maybe ever." - Mike G, lifelong shredding shortboarder.
 The plugs on these fins accept the oversized plastic screws that come with all foam surfboards. You may need to trim the screws' length to prevent them from bottoming out in the fins' posts. You want to make surf the fins are held tight against the board for maximum performance and strength.


PETG, 3.5mm shell, 60% infill

Shipping & Returns

I'm working out details, please contact me if you have any issues.


Fin displacements, 90mL to 130mL each. Height/Length/Width details coming soon.

Care Instructions

Make sure all fin tips and edges are rounded, not sharp. Sand if needed. Do not rest the board on the fins, don't surf onto the beach either. They can handle shredding, but they break if they run into something - saves you and your board from damage better than standard fins.

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Thanks for checking out my fins.

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