Who am I, and why do I sell these fins?

 I've been surfing since 1993 and got into designing fins thanks to what Futures Fins did back in 2003. They introduced the Vector models, side fins with concave foils that added more thrust and traction to my surfboards. The fastest, most aggressive fins I ever owned. They worked so well, they transformed my 5'6" twin fin from a fun board into a big tube hunter. Years later these fins helped me score incredible rides in cooking surf at Zicatela, Temples and G-Land. They made surfing these waves so much easier, I became determined to figure out how to design fins like this as well.
 I have a bit of evidence to share of the kinds of tubes these fins felt best in, check out these pics of me on my trusty 5'6" RF Twin:

Todd Anderson of FINS.SURF on a 5'6" Twin with concave foiled fins.
G-Land May 23 2009. Was an epic week. 5'6" RF Twin with FF 460 V1 fins.

Central California, same setup.

 It's not easy to draw custom fin shapes in CAD, but it gives me precise control with foil aignment, volume, taper and edges. I'm able to use airfoil and hydrofoil patterns that have been designed for planes and ships, excellent foils that I can plug into my fin outlines to create amazing shapes.
 Future Fins had worked with some aerospace engineers to create their Vector models, but they only introduced one new foil from this effort. At this point I have three different fin models each based on a unique airfoil, and so far one symmetrical foil I use for the center fin. I have a lot more designs to create and even some new improvements to introduce, but for now I'm focused on making my current designs available in as many formats and fin systems as makes sense.

The Megawatts and a 5'11" Tomo
The Megawatt fins on a 5'9" Tomo Omni.

The Megawatts on an 8 foot Wavestorm.
The Megawatt fins in an 8' Wavestorm

The Megawatts, high performance surfboard fins for the Wavestorm and more.

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