Surfboards operate similar to airplanes. The fins I design are 3D printed which allows me to make the shapes I do. It also gives them great strength and flex properties - best thing about their strength is they'll handle shredding for you, but once they collide with a person they break. If these fins were made of fiberglass they'd be very dangerous. Being thicker and 3D printed, the edges aren't sharp and they won't break your fin boxes either.

These fins are designed to generate magnitudes more thrust than standard surfboard fins, making normal to pumping surf a lot more fun and a lot easier to surf. There are too many details to list here, in short you will catch waves earlier, make steeper drops, huck bigger turns make steeper banks and you may even fly through tubes.

I have a background in computer science, 24/hour surf rescue and 7 years of CAD thanks to designing these fins. I see a way to create a p2p network around my innovations that may help create many new 3D printing labs around the world, starting in developing world surf areas.

For many years it's been a dream of mine to find something I'd enjoy doing that would allow me to work for myself, while also bringing something empowering to the many people I would visit in my surf travels if I could pull such a thing off. Well, this is it!

If I can get this network idea working a portion of profits will be dedicated towards funding low cost advancements in open source projects that support peripherals to this project, such as refining waste plastic into filament or pellets for 3D printing. If people in 3rd world areas can make 10x a daily wage thanks to selling my fins to surfers, access to filament will be a bottleneck that will drive effort to find ways to source filament for printers locally.

Another goal is to incorporate open source school software servers into the 3D printer labs that can be made, so that many people in the area can access courseware wirelessly from their own devices.

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